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Like a Girl Boss

People often ask me how I do so many things, manage to side hustle, work, have a blog, social life, studied abroad, planned a wedding etc. Although this topic has been done to death on Youtube, I am going to give some tips that you may have heard on Youtube and that may or may not be useful to you.

I also recommend reading the book “The Four Hour Work Week“. It had loads of amazing tips on outsourcing, travel, reducing time spent on tasks, etc. It was great. There is also a Blog. Some of the advice will be based on what I read in the book, and some will be my own advice.

Firstly; limit the amount of time you check email. As I do a lot of different things, and deal with a lot of different people, I used to feel the need to check my email all of the time. Tim Ferriss, author of “The Four Hour Work Week“, recommends only checking email at 12pm and 4pm.

I have started to do this, and it has helped my mental health and stress levels. I am not constantly wired and checking my inbox. I really hate it when you talk to someone and they are brainlessly scrolling through email or Whatsapp.

Secondly; have a planner. I actually have three planners. One for blog posts, one for personal appointments, and one for work. This may seem a bit excessive, but it helps me separate all different areas of my life. One of my favourite bloggers, Lilia, recently launched a gorgeous planner.


Third, make sure you take care of your body, and exercise regularly. This is common sense, but I feel completely different when I exercise, and I get so much more done. The same can be said when I eat better, compared with when I am scoffing french fries in McDonald’s.

Fourth, plan your week on sunday. I have a lot of decision fatigue about what to wear, so I plan my outfits, or at least have them washed and ready on sunday night. Yes, I am that cool. But Steve Jobs also wore the same stuff, and look what he did! I also minimised my wardrobe quite a bit, which helps me to clearly see what I have.

Fifth, be ready to go. I always have my backpack filled with travel essentials. I make sure all my travel cards are loaded, phones are charged, with credit etc. If I am meeting new people, I make sure to have business cards on hand. These little things just make your life easier and cut down your decision making time. Tim Ferriss also recommended having a scanned copy of all important documents on a USB. This is useful for travel or moving abroad. I found this very useful, and good to have a backup!


Last, remove all notifications from social media. This will limit the amount of time you spend on Whatsapp, Facebook etc. I have done this for a week, and already I have been so much more productive.


Let me know if you liked these tips, and if you have any more to add!
Thanks for reading!


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