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Saying YES.

When I was young, I was such a people pleaser, that I would over commit and do things that I really wanted to do. As I got older and began to work on myself, I began to say NO and stop overcommitting, so I could focus on study/work/ life etc. Now I feel that I have gone too far the other way, and that I always say NO to things.


The main reasons for saying NO are usually, the cost, the amount of time it will take, and not having enough energy. I have probably missed out on some terrible things by saying NO which is great. But I also may have missed out on some fantastic things. Some of the best things in my life, have happened because of being open to new things. These include moving to Hong Kong, travelling in Europe, learning languages and even meeting my husband!

How do you define the line between denying yourself something truly amazing, and tagging along to Karaoke because they don’t have enough people to fill the booking? Is there a worthy way to decide what you should say YES to? (Obviously nothing hardcore!) I’m finding it difficult to gauge.


Let me know if you have any tips for this!

Thanks for reading!


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