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What the Health and HK Vegan

I have tried many times to be vegan. At the moment, I am on a record of seven days. Mainly because my hubby is away and won’t sneak ice-cream into the fridge. Although, I have lost weight, this is most likely due to a stomach flu that I caught over the weekend. The source of the flu may or may not have been a raw spinach green smoothie.

So I watched “What the Health” and it confirmed a lot of what I already knew about the food and health industry. I was raised vegetarian, and my mum always worried about mad cow disease when my dad had steak. At times we had soy substitutes, so maybe we were vegan and she didn’t tell us!

I think the biggest challenge for me is going to be convincing my husband that my change is a good one. As someone who constantly gets criticised for her weight, not only by his family, but by my colleagues, friends in Hong Kong and strangers on the street (gam dai jek!), being healthier and losing weight is surely a good thing. I know that his main concern is the ice-cream!

I wouldn’t try to change a boy who was raised on chicken feet and char siu. So don’t change the girl who went to strawberry fair, was always the only vegetarian in the school and was raised on Linda McCartney.

It’s early days, and we live quite far from Manna in Central.


I’ll let you guys know how I get on.

*If you’re not vegan or vegetarian, no hate, I am just trying to be a healthier person!


Thanks for reading!


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