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Escaping the comfort zone

Recently I was offered the chance of a new opportunity. It caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. So I called my sister, AKA the oracle. She told me to just try it, and if it went wrong, at least I had a funny story.

Good advice from someone younger than me. I have been trying to say YES to things. I sometimes let my anxiety get in the way of socialising or trying new things. I must try harder to say YES and escape my comfort zone.
When I first moved to Hong Kong I was ready for anything and said YES to every opportunity and challenge. Now I find it a struggle to break my routine and my anxiety often gets the better of me. My new challenge this week is to escape the comfort zone. I have nothing to lose right?


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Escaping the comfort zone

  1. We all are most comfortable within our circle of experiences. And if an opportunity that is at the edge of the circle of our experiences, it is worth exploring – because it will enlarge your circle of experience!


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