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Home Alone: Single Girl’s Weekend

This week Hubby is travelling overseas, which means I need to make it on my own. I lived alone two years ago and thought that I would do extremely well at the task.

The good things that have occurred in my weekend of single living include; I have been jogging, visited a relative, prepared healthy veggie food and had a facial.


The bad things that have occurred include; attempting to fix and then breaking the printer, ripping an umbrella, getting a terrific stomach ache in the middle of the night and becoming unable to sleep (possibly due to healthy veggie food) and feeling overwhelmed when offered a new opportunity.


Sometimes Hubby annoys me and I take him for granted. Even though he is not fully domesticated, he does a million little things to help me out (usually printer related). So thanks to him!


This week I am trying to be independent and be like I was when I lived alone. But I do miss him!




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