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Travel Tip: Beware Insurance Scams!

This is a cautionary tale about how I got scammed, and how you can avoid doing the same!

I was tidying up and noticed that my EHIC card was expired. This is a health card that can be used in the EU, should you require medical assistance when travelling. I googled how to update it and found a website that could. They offered a fast track service, and you needed to pay around 35 pounds.

Sadly, after checking if I could get a cheaper deal, I found many forums (Money Saving Expert) and newspapers (Daily Mail) warning about scammers selling EHIC card services. Unfortunately the site I used was listed as one of them.

In fact, EHIC cards are free for all British citizens.

Being a busy bee in Hong Kong, I rushed to choose the first option. Hong Kong is a cash society, so I rarely use my card. This event will make me even more reluctant to do so! Be warned and if in doubt, senselessly Google the company before purchasing. I usually purchase Travel Insurance via Money Saving Expert.

Since this unfortunate event, I have had to cancel my bank card, and have reported the company to Trading Standards, ASA and Watchdog. I don’t expect my money back, but I don’t like this rogue company having my details and I want to warn others from making the same mistake.


Everyone stay safe online!


Thanks for reading!


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