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How I achieve my goals.

People often ask me how do I achieve my goals? Marriage, university, work, moving abroad, making new friends, learning a new language. I think the first thing to do is to clearly define what you want. I often write down what I want to achieve, to look at when I feel overwhelmed or lost. This helps me stay grounded and have it clear in my mind.


Working hard for yourself is extremely important. If you have a long term goal to achieve, but can’t afford to take time off or give up your day job, take little steps every day. If you want to build your career, take steps to update your CV, build your linkedin profile.

If you want to move away, take steps to make it happen. Sign up for an employment agency, search online for jobs and even visit the place you want to move to beforehand.

I recommend anyone to read the book “The Secret” as it helped me focus and change my way of thinking. I recently read “The four hour work week” which was so inspiring. It helped me cut back on social media and email. I feel a lot more focused after reading it. The book also recommends taking a “mini retirement” to visit a place or learn a new skill/language. Why save it for later?

My main advice would be don’t waste time and don’t put things off. Just think, if not now, when?

If you have what you want in mind it makes things so much easier. Meditate on what you want and write a list of long term and short term goals. You need a team to support you so get your family and friends on board. Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “How I achieve my goals.

  1. They say little drops of water a mighty ocean makes.
    And so it is with our lives. We sometimes wish something big, something dramatic will happen. To change our lives, to set us up at a “higher” level. Perhaps that meteroric few. Not for the rest of us. Its good old fashioned hard work, slowly and surely. One small piece at a time.
    Good things come to those who are patient!

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