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Hong Kong Study Tips & Secrets.

This time last year, I was preparing for my final exams and presentations for my Master’s Degree. Studying in Hong Kong definitely changed how I study forever! The grading system is very different to that of the UK which I explain here.  Also the environment is very different, which I discuss further here.

However, I learnt valuable tips from my buddies and classmates that I will always keep. I am now going to share them with you lovely people!

My own tip: Drink plenty of tea!

Firstly, make sure you have adequate stationary. Coming straight from work, I often arrived at uni with “ post work brain“. I usually arrived without a pen. Luckily my buddy often shared with me, she had a lovely selection of stationery from Japan. Cute stationery can be bought from Muji, Kikki K or Eslite bookshop.


Next, read each week’s reading as you go. This is a habit that I used for my first Bachelor’s degree. When I was working and studying, I found this difficult to do, but it really made a difference. It also helped me keep my study notes in order and prepare for the midterm exam more easily.

Pandas rare.

If a teacher mentions a specific article in the lecture or on a presentation, chances are it is worth a read. It may appear on the midterm or even provide as a good reference for your thesis or assignment.

Articles and journals will help you out.

Something which Hong Kong students are very good at doing is asking for help. I learnt that my classmates regularly emailed the lecturers with questions. Many treat their education as an investment, and they want a good return. They also religiously asked questions before and after class and during the break. In the UK my teachers cleverly sneaked out to Costa during the break.

No tea time here!

I certainly felt for teachers in Hong Kong, who probably wanted to go the bathroom or have a drink of water. Nonetheless they were very professional and also answered everyone’s question patiently.

Hong Kong students are also very good at asking classmates for help, which I personally didn’t witness in the UK. When I was unsure of something, I would often try to figure it out by myself. By asking others, you actually save a lot of time and energy. Just be brave, and ask the people around you.

Hello, up there!

Partnering up for group work was done socially when I studied in the UK. I would partner up with my buddies on the course and we would all work collaboratively. In Hong Kong, this is done tactically. The brightest students are identified and targeted and form groups and alliances during the first two or three classes. I hated group work during this course.

Flying solo in the library.

When I first started my course, some of the students thought I would help improve their English so keenly partnered up with me for group work. Alas, I had no time for that, and soon I was left with the free-riders of the class. That is a topic for a whole other blog post.

Lastly, Hong Kong students studying at home, have an advantage as they often have family and friends here. Get yourself a support network and have regular contact with your family to help talk you down. This will help immensely, and always feels good having people on your team.

My graduate team.

Let me know if you have any study tips that I may have missed! Thanks for reading!


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