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Just landed in Hong Kong?

I have a buddy moving to Hong Kong soon, who asked me about settling in essentials. So I made a listicle of what someone moving to Hong Kong will need.

First, it’s best to buy an octopus card, like an oyster card in England. This will allow you to use public transport (trains, buses) and can even be used in many shops. Students receive a special discounted rate, so make sure to apply for a student octopus card.

To set up a phone you can buy a phone card from any 7/11 store. This allows you to do pay as you go if you are only staying short term. You can also arrange a phone contract with any of the big companies here, such as 3HK.

If you are needing a place to live, you can check out  FindYourRoomInHongKong on Facebook or Geoexpat. Hong Kong, like many countries, now has IKEA so you can furnish your new place cheaply if need be.

Find a buddy by going out and meeting new people, using the Coffee meets Bagel app or Central Hong Kong is a good place to meet other expats and most of the good bars and restaurants are there. It’s a little pricey, but all the servers speak English, unlike other areas of Hong Kong.

If you’re interested in staying longer, you might want to think about learning Cantonese. The classes at the YMCA are particularly good. Although English is an official language of Hong Kong, it is always useful to have knowledge the basics of Cantonese.

If you’re still considering moving abroad, you may want to check out my previous blogpost about How to move abroad.

Let me know if you found this post useful, and thanks for reading!




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