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Rainy Day Hygge in Hong Kong.

Today was another rainy day, marking the end of a rainy week. We had a little adventure in Tseung Kwan O, as I wanted to see an illustration exhibition that had popped up.

We walked around and the mall was super crowded. At least ten different tour groups were milling about. We tried for an hour to get into various restaurants. We ended up walking in a great big circle. At last, the food court provided a spare table.


How to get a table in Hong Kong 101.

  1. Run
  2. Stand behind someone and intimidate them until they leave.
  3. Stare at someone.
  4. Rub your stomach and pretend you’re pregnant.
  5. Send your child to get a seat first.
  6. Send grandma to get a seat and arrive an hour later.
  7. Politely ask someone to share.
  8. Shout loudly about not having a seat.
  9. Shout loudly on your phone about not having a seat.
  10. Sit on the floor until someone moves you along.

The most popular methods employed today; 2, 6 and 9. Anyway, we ate our food, and went to get a lovely coffee. Then we saw the beautiful illustrations from the movie, “Your Name”. When I got home it was pretty dark so I lit some candles and made us some Chai Tea. Hubby coined a new word which was “Homesy“, somewhere between “Homey” and “Cosy”. I really enjoy Hygge at home, as you can see here.


Continuing with the Hygge theme, I tidied up and read some lovely blog posts by some of my favourite bloggers. I have had a lot of inspiration this week, so was feeling good about writing more.

Part of Hygge is home cooking so I cooked a delicious meal of rice, veggies and egg stir fry. Hubby promptly added bacon to his rice. The smell of cooking made the house feel very “Homesy“. Staying in felt lovely today and I am currently listening to the sound of the rain to relax.


Thanks for reading!


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