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This year we celebrated Sakurahana in Japan. This is also known as the spring festival. Since I was twelve years old and watching Card Captor Sakura, I have always wanted to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms. Last year, we saw some by chance, but were a little early for the spring festival.

This year for a belated honeymoon, we travelled to Osaka during Japan’s spring festival. It is often regarded as the best time to visit Japan, and for good reason.

Sakura in Kyoto

When I see cherry blossoms, I feel calm and relaxed. I made a nice video of them falling down slowly in Nara Park. It made me feel like I was in a Zhang Yimou movie. When I feel anxious I watch it back.

Many people have picnics by the lake in Osaka park and by Osaka castle. We took a great deal of photos of this. I hope you enjoy the pictures from this year’s Sakurahana in Osaka and Kyoto Japan!

Sakura close to Osaka Castle
Nara park

Thanks for reading! You can check out more pictures of my trip on my Instagram: my852life.


4 thoughts on “Blossom.

  1. We’ve been fortunate to have seen it a couple of times because Mel went over to Tokyo for business. The hotel we stayed in have a garden and there were many species of sakura there. Wonderful to stroll through the garden with a koi pond every morning when there.


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