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Enjoying a rainy day. Storm crafts.

The rain continues in Hong Kong today, and the government have issued a Red Rain Signal and Typhoon Signal Number 3. These are moderately serious but most schools are closed and some offices. As we live far out I am officially working from home, but unofficially relaxing.

When I was young, my parents coined the term “storm crafts“. When my sister couldn’t sleep because of a storm, we stayed up doing painting and storm crafts was born. Today I am doing some storm crafts of my own.

I  have made myself some yummy pancakes and coffee, and caught up local news and BBC news. I followed some points I missed about the election as sadly Hubby’s grandma was poorly during that time, it was a bit of a blur.

Later I will make a delicious risotto with some stilton I found in the fridge. I found five kinds of cheeses (five!) reduced in M&S Kowloon Tong. If you live in Hong Kong, and are a lover of cheese, you will know how glorious this is. Good cheese outside of central district is hard to come by!


At the moment I am updating my blog (of course) but will also do boring admin things too. I don’t fancy my chances outside just yet, but may pop out later to clear my head and do some more writing. It’s going to be a Hygge/ Crafty day so I may even get out my “relax” colouring book. (My mum’s idea of a half-joke).

If you’re also having a rainy day, find a good book, curl up with a hot drink and enjoy.


Thanks for reading!


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