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DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.


Firstly, you may be thinking what is a hyggekrog?

I’ve talked about the Danish word Hygge in my previous posts. This usually means “cosy time” but can extend to self-care, relaxation, down time etc.

Hyggekrog refers to a “snug place” (source:

Disclaimer: My Hyggekrog is not as suave as the featured image.

Sidenote: My husband will no doubt see this Danish vocabulary and see the word “Frog” in there somewhere. Once, when talking about a “lexical item” he decided I was talking about a “mexican night“. I guess I talk to fast.

Anyway I was reading “The Little book of Hygge” and cooing over the cosy and snug pictures and suddenly envious of the many “Hyggekrog” I could see. So I came home and made one immediately.

I always pick up this little gem.

My home decor is pretty simple, but I found a few cute and cosy items laying around to include. You can choose whatever you like. I chose a blanket, flowery pillows, fake flowers, a notebook, candles, snacks and a fancy tea from Harrods.


In terms of being instagrammable, I still have a long way to go. It’s a start! I achieved a day-bed style look which was the goal really. I shall enjoy relaxing here with a cup of tea whilst writing after work.

My Hyggekrog is in our spare room. I usually write from the bed there as I can get a nicer view than from our room. I also keep all my books in there and treat it as my “Room of one’s own“!


Let me know if you have a Hyggekrog in your home. Leave me a comment, & I would love to see a picture.


Thanks for reading!


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