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Hubby can’t stop eating junk!

As a vegetarian and occasional vegan, I do struggle in Hong Kong with the food choices available. Since I got married, I am determined to maintain my weight and eat pretty healthily throughout the week. When I am working I find it easier to monitor what I eat as I meal prep, usually easy stuff: Oatmeal, green smoothies, salad, pasta etc. However, when it’s the weekend, I meet up with friends, go for “teas” (the semantics of this term in Hong Kong is a topic of another blog post) and hubby and I go for dinner. Yesterday I prepared a lovely healthy dinner of Jacket potato and salad. Afterwards hubby was craving McDonald’s so of course I went with him to eat some. Note: I had fries and ice-cream. Is he a so-called “facilitator”? I’m not sure. There is some debate about how McDonald’s food is prepared and whether the oil is derived from beef products or not. So strict vegetarians of the world come down upon me with an iron hammer.

I try not to get to hung up on food and know that I usually eat pretty good and go running three times a week. We usually work out on saturdays too in our local park. Unfortunately where we live (New Territories) the restaurants have not got the vegetarian friendly memo. They certainly didn’t get the vegan memo. Alas, if I do make it into central for a salad, I end up parting with a good deal of cash.

The motivation to cook becomes less so when it’s so cheap to eat out in Hong Kong. When it’s humid and you’re sweating away in your tiny kitchen, takeaway seems so much easier. Just don’t look at the oil content. I’m trying my best not to make excuses, as I read this back my reasoning for eating McDonald’s seems pretty poor. Just have a salad girl!

If you have any good recommendations of vegetarian or vegan places in Hong Kong let me know. I personally like; Manna, Simply life, The Stadium and any Korean restaurant as they always have veggie Kimbap!


Thanks for reading!

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