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Hong Kong prepares for Typhoon.

The malls were deserted today as I pottered around in search of good coffee. I was officially “working from home” although I tried to go for tea at BEANS. No such luck, as there was a queue of twenty people. Despite the small portion size, the cafe has a good rating on Open Rice.


As I was walking I saw a mixture of grey skies and bright blue backgrounds as the weather began to change. The doors and windows of the mall were taped up to prevent the glass shattering. Many shops were closed, and outside such shops school children loitered having been released from school for safety. Budget conscious grandma’s aired their feet and enjoyed the air conditioning provided to them whilst checking their phones.


I retreated back home and enjoyed the sound of the rain. Whilst reading, I made my own tea, as my hopes of going out were dashed by the interchangeable weather. Typhoon signal 8 is to be raised this evening. Stay safe everyone and stay indoors!


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