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IRIS ESCAPE Weekend. Wellness, Yoga, Relaxation.

So this past weekend I joined the hundreds of instagrammable women in Hong Kong and attended the IRIS Escape weekend held in Nursery Park, West Kowloon. Feeling intimidated amongst the tanned, size 8 hotties, I tried my best to keep up during the classes we took. My friend had told me about it, she is a fitness god and could take on anyone in a battle royale. We walked in to see white tents hosting various wellness brands, including one of the sponsors LUSH, who provided free shampoo bars. Amongst these were GRANA, MediLase and Rebel Girl Vegan Ice cream.There were also stalls from Aerial Arts Academy, Pure Yoga, Goji gym, Tribute and various PTs.

Nice backdrop for a relaxing wellness event.

Our first class was a Flow Yoga with famous model, Rosemary Vandenbroucke. She was so damn hot. As we were the among the first fifty to arrive, we were given a free exercise towel from MISCHA, a brand of designer bag, popular in Korea. So fancy. Anyway, I tried my best but had overly unnecessarily attractive yogi “assistants” come and help lift me off the floor. Bad times. To console myself, I ate the Mango Lassi Ice cream from Rebel Girl immediately after the class. Good times.

Beautiful day. Beautiful people.

Next we chilled out on the lawn and listened to music from a Chinese Flute player. We were then joined by some more hotties from work. By this point I was getting nice and sunburnt, so retreated to the meditation tent to the side. I took part in “Mindfulness made easy”. With the cars driving past and speakers blaring from an opposite yoga class, it was not easy to meditate. But I tried my best. Later Hubby masked bemusement as I told him I had clearly seen our future daughter playing in the garden in a strawberry dress. Although he is a spiritual being, he was no doubt thinking, “How am I going to get a house with a garden?!”


Seeking food, I enjoyed a delicious soba salad from Youngji. A brand related to the gym Goji which is opening up in Hong Kong.  They were also handing out free tea which was great. We walked around some more, taking note of the kids tent, a tumbling area, a chiseled man giving out free temporary tattoos and being featured on every woman at the event’s Insta feed.

Beautiful garden.

After this, we took our last class (as I was a nice shade of tomato) which was Pillocking. Intrigued by the name, as any British person would be, instructor “Max” explained that the class was a mixture of dance, pilates and boxing. It was fast paced, similar to the HIIT classes I took before my wedding. There were some Ballet moves, a cha-cha-cha and boxing.

The “Line up”

I really enjoyed it as it was fast paced and I often get bored during workouts where I keep doing the same sets. I took Karate and dance as a child too, so it was nice to revisit some of those moves. My graceful colleagues had all taken Ballet for eight years. Of course they had. Max became increasingly more camp as the routine went on. No doubt he gets all the ladies. I really recommend it, if anyone knows where his classes are held, let me know! After this, I hauled my reddened self home where Hubby dubbed me, “Italian Tomato”. How did I end this day of wellness, relaxation and healthy living? We ordered pizza of course!

Bright sunshine.

If you attended IRIS Escape, leave me a comment and let me know what classes you took!



Thank you for reading!


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