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Watching Handmaid’s tale and Law of Attraction.

This week hubby and I got addicted to The Handmaid’s tale on Netflix. I read the book first, but just discovered the series online. When I say that I am a feminist, I do not think that women should be treated better than men, or that I hate men. I think we need to have equality of the sexes, and am fortunate that I live in a society where I can make choices, educate myself, marry who I want, and work.


The Handmaid’s Tale brought forth a lot of gratitude for the things I, and we all, take for granted. Even something trivial such as ice-cream. Believe me nothing is trivial. (Name that film!) While the show did leave me a little deflated, it did make me feel grateful for the privileges I have. Everyone gets self-righteous and indulgent now and again, but usually, the things we complain about are not serious.

V & A in London

I was told by a friend who suffers from depression, to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The book promotes positive thinking and talks about the law of attraction. Law of attraction, or my understanding is basically, you attract what you think about. I do believe that when I think in a positive way I feel better. So I read the whole book in two days. I lived and breathed that book. I said thank you and felt grateful for literally everything. I began to feel better. I thought positive thoughts. Then a bad thing happened. Then another thing. Then someone upset me. Did I attract these negative things through my thoughts? Possibly not. Does positive thinking stop bad things happening. I don’t think so, despite the claims of the book.

I always want to attract flowers, but the message didn’t get to my hubby.

I do know that thinking in a negative way will not help. The same pal who recommended the book to me, told me that it didn’t work. Her defeatist attitude got me thinking about a quote in the book. Henry Ford said; “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right“. Sometimes our own thoughts limit us. Thinking positive does help. You also need positive action. I am not living in a dystopian reality created by Attwood. There is no reason why I can’t achieve what I want. So I am going to go for it.


Let me know if you have read the Secret, and have any thoughts on the Law of Attraction.


Thank you for reading!


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