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Lagom. Not too little, not too much.

I recently heard the word Lagom floating around Instagram. I decided to explore. I found that it means “not too little, not too much”. Roughly translated from Swedish. It is the idea of living within your means. As someone who suffers with anxiety, I have rituals about spending and saving money, which gives me reassurance. I feel that if I have only what I need, I can prepare for the future should anything go wrong. Then I found that there is a whole movement about it!

Handmade gifts are budget friendly and thoughtful.

If you go to the IKEA website, there is a whole segment on “Living Lagom”. People reduce the energy they use, the food they buy and the waste they produce. As I become more conscious of my effect on the environment and how to reduce waste and spending, Living Lagom seems very familiar. Below are some tips to give you an idea of how to make your life “Just right”.

At home aromatherapy.
  1. Stop eating out so much. This is a big one for me, as we are quite busy, and especially in Hong Kong it’s much easier to eat out.
  2. Create a budget. Or better yet download a budget tracking app.
  3.  Stock your house. If you have a good supply of kitchen staples you will be more encouraged to cook at home and do some meal prep.
  4. Declutter and take stock of what you have. This will stop you buying things that you already have hiding in your cupboards.
  5. Buy clothes from thrift stores, charity shops or swap with friends.
  6. Have a movie night to reduce the cost of entertaining or going out.
  7. Take steps to make your home more energy efficient. Change light bulbs, buy draft excluders, add blinds etc.
  8. Have an at home spa-night to reduce the salon bill!


I hope you found this post useful, and let me know if you have any other tips.


Thanks for reading!


Read more about Lagom here:


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