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Declutter, Declutter, Declutter.

After visiting Japan, I started reading a bit more about Japanese Minimalism. There is a book out on the subject by Fumio Sasaki called Goodbye Things. I have already read KonMari: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We are certainly tidy, but have TOO.MUCH.STUFF. As we prepare to move and try to reduce the amount of stuff in our house, we have begun a big decluttering session.

Firstly we organised everything that we definitely wanted to give away. Next we both went through our wardrobes and found clothes that were damaged, faded or too small. Some of them were gifts that we didn’t wear, and some were just too old.


After that, I went through the kitchen and put all of our packaged food into jars so I could take stock of what food we had in the cupboard. I gave away lots of baking ingredients to my pal, as I don’t have much time for baking at the moment. She also inherited my wrapping paper too. At last we were making progress. I also donated some old textbooks from my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree that I had been holding onto because they were very expensive. But I never look at them, so they needed to go to someone who would read them. We piled everything into the corner and eventually added to it over a few days, as we were inspired to declutter more.

At the donation center.

This weekend, we hired a GOGO-van and drove to the Salvation Army donation  center in Yau Ma Tei. The center organises collections, if you have five bags or more. However, their collection service was fully booked until the end of May, so we decided to donate it first. We left the bags at the collection point and felt lighter afterwards. I’m definitely going to spend my time and money on experiences rather than things that clutter up my small apartment. A big thanks to my reluctant husband for giving up his weekend to help me declutter and donate everything. We have more space, and our glad that the things are going to good use!

Our contribution.

If you are donating to the Salvation Army or any other charity, make sure you read the guidelines about what they accept. You can find them on the website, listed below. There is a Youtube video about Japanese Minimalism below. Leave me a comment to let me know how/ when you declutter things that find their way into your house.



Thanks for reading!



Salvation Army

Goodbye Things 



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