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Visiting the Stadium.

This week, Hubby and I tried a new restaurant/ bar called The Stadium. You can find it in Kwun Tong, in an old industrial building which has been renovated into a hipster hotspot. Hubby wanted to try the burgers, and I was just along for the ride! We walked in with no booking, at around 6pm, but it was already pretty busy. Most customers make a booking, and if you are a large party you can book out the whole restaurant or a large pool table if there are ten of you. The clientele is a mixture of young professionals, workmen and couples on a date. It’s a great place if you love a drink, and you can smoke outside on the terrace if you so wish.



My delicious coffee

My hubby loves meat, burgers, American cooking etc. So he was literally in heaven. I was sipping my excellent coffee happily after a hard day at work. I ordered a light salad and he had a burger (I forgot the name!) and chips. Sorry. “Fries”. There were several televisions displayed throughout showing various American football games. A nice piece of decor was the wall made of baseballs behind where we sat. Sadly I forgot to get a photo of that as I was focused on the food! (As usual!)


My food photography skills.

We ordered some Nachos as well, but luckily they didn’t arrive because we were too full. The stadium does get quite busy, so you may need to chase down your order. As we hadn’t booked a table, we had a time limit of until 7.30pm, so just over an hour. Most restaurants in Hong Kong have a limit so we were fine with that. However, if you’re looking for a slow and relaxing dinner or a date night, you may want to book ahead so as to avoid being presented with the bill as you eat your last chip.

Hubby’s setup

This was out date night, so the bill came to around 350 HKD. Normally we don’t spend that much but we were having our monthly date night! If you have out of town guests or are a sports fan this is the place for you. I will be going again soon so if you want to know what I eat next time leave me a comment.


Thanks for reading!


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