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How to work out for free.

This month, hubby and I started to work out more to improve our fitness levels. I have focused more on exercise this week, if you have read my blog post about what I ate in Osaka, you will understand why! We are fortunate enough to live near Sai Kung, home to hiking trails, beaches and even a bowling alley bar! So we have plenty of chances for outdoor activity. I think the problem is, that after work, we are usually exhausted. I know that becomes a vicious cycle, if you don’t exercise you have less energy etc etc etc. So I have created a list of tips about how I work out for free in Hong Kong. That way I don’t have a great sense of guilt if I couldn’t exercise so much one week as I haven’t paid a monthly gym fee.

My playground

Tip 1: Go Hiking.

In Hong Kong, we are lucky enough to have many, many gorgeous hiking trails with fantastic views. Hiking can also be a great social activity, and there are lots of Hong Kong based meetup groups which you can join to be part of a hiking club! So try looking for something similar where you are. Plus, it’s free! There are also people looking for tennis/ squash partners and members to join a sports team.

In a past life, I was a skater


Tip 2: Running.

I am fortunate to live near a sports track, where I go running at the weekend. I am super slow and often overtaken by elderly men in tiny shorts, but I try my best. Plus, because I am running with grandpas, I don’t need to buy new sports wear as I look relatively stylish in comparison.

I also love climbing

Tip 3: Swimming.

I recently tried swimming in Tseung Kwan O Public Swimming Pool. While this is not free, it only cost 19 HKD, and is much cheaper for students/ children (around 9 HKD). This pool can get busy but there are lots of different areas, including a pool just for lane swimming which I use. Afterwards I treat myself to a turn on the water slide. There is a snack shop, and make sure you bring your octopus card to enter, and a five dollar coin for the locker. There is a change machine outside the pool entrance.

Fancy a dip?

Tip 4: Yoga

There are many meetup groups for yoga, and some classes offer pay-as-you-wish classes or free events. Some classes are simply for free, when new teachers or studios want to promote their services. In my blog post about social anxiety, I attended a yoga event hosted by GRANA clothing brand. There was a two hour yoga class and free brunch! Double win!  Check out Liv magazine for more events. If the weather is poor, I sometimes do yoga at home, by watching Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

Yoga anyone?

Tip 5: Dancing

Similar to yoga events, free dance classes are often promoted online and are a good excuse to meet people. There are free Salsa classes in Central at Morrison cafe every friday which offers a great chance for free cardio. If you frequent Hong Kong parks you can also see grandmas congregating to groove to their music in large groups. Why not join them next time?




Tseung Kwan O Swimming Pool

Liv Magazine

Yoga with Adriene




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