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Where we visited in Osaka, Japan.

Over the public holiday, we visited Osaka, Japan for our honeymoon. We had a self-planned foodie tour which caused us to roll back to Hong Kong. If you want to check out what we ate, take a look at my other blog posts. Below are a list of the places that we visited.


Kyoto Fushimi Inari-taisha

This famous shrine has been featured in many dramas and movies shot in Japan. Each of the red gates has the name of the donor or company that donated. However, some of them are very old. This spot was very busy, I think half of Hong Kong was there on the same day as us! I felt so peaceful and calm and enjoyed the view of the gardens. Try not to take pictures of any graves, as we saw one misguided tourist doing. We took some selfies at the gates, battling with people who had no idea about photo taking etiquette!



Osaka Castle

Despite heavy resistance from my hubby, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Osaka castle. Again, we found many friends from Hong Kong along the way. We arrived relatively early, around 9am, yet many Japanese families were already there setting up the picnics and barbeques for Sakura Haruno. I felt like I was in Furuba or Card Captor Sakura as all the cherry blossom began to fall. We took some beautiful photos and enjoyed another portion of Takoyaki. I made a video which you can find on my youtube channel, My 852 Life



Nara Park

Hubby and I enjoyed Nara park, and he even made such good friends with a deer that it decided to chase him around the park. I have the video footage and am considering putting it on youtube! To avoid some noisy tourists (you can guess from where!) we retreated to a spectacular garden hidden behind Todai-ji. This was called the “Painting Garden” and we discovered many elderly people painting beautiful watercolours of the garden and the deer. I felt so calm and didn’t want to leave, I honestly felt like I was living in Totoro land.



Any guidebook or helpful Japanese friend will tell you to head to Namba for drinks, dinner and tax free shopping. We visited Namba a couple of times for all of the above. Coming from Hong Kong, I had a long list of items that my considerate friends and co-workers wanted me to help them to buy, a.k.a buy for them. Anyone else living in Hong Kong know that feel? Anyway, we went to one of the tax free shops, however, one of the shop assistants was very rude and would only talk to us in Mandarin which was disappointing as we can both speak English and Japanese.

Searching for Takoyaki!

Anyway, we took obligatory photos of the Glico man and sampled a lot of the local food (see my previous blog post). The ice-cream here was cheap and delicious and prices of restaurants are cheaper than Hong Kong (for quality and quantity) so you can guess where most of our Yen went.


We had an amazing time, and big thanks to my hubby who planned the trip and organised how we could get about the Osaka region.


Top tips

*Buy a guidebook such as Lonely Planet Japan, or if you’re a Cantonese speaker my hubby found a good guidebook in Swindon book press just about Osaka. That one focused mainly on food and shopping.

*Buy an ICOCA card

*Bring a camera/ videocamera. Falling Sakura makes for a beautiful video.

*Get a wifi card for your phone, if you don’t have data roaming.

*If you visit a Japanese home, as we did, it’s nice to bring a gift.




Thanks for reading!


Leave me a comment if you visited Osaka, and let me know where you went!


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