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Must-Try Foods in Osaka, Japan.

We just returned from our belated Honeymoon to Osaka Japan. We went so many places, if you want to know where we went you can check out my other blog posts! I researched a few foods that I wanted to try before we travelled, and received a few recommendations from my friend who is from Osaka. Needless to say, I have been going running these last few days to make myself feel better. The pictures below offer some explanation as to why I have been running every morning.

  1. Takoyaki

Takoyaki or Octopus balls are native to Osaka, and are very famous as being typical food of the area. They certainly are a must try, although I am vegetarian, I did taste some of the floury batter. My guess is, it tastes just like an octopus pancake. These were reasonably cheap, and stalls were located around most of the touristy spots. We tried some in Namba (see below), and saw many stalls in places like Osaka Castle and Nara.

Popular Takoyaki spot in Namba, Osaka.

2. Daruma

Daruma is basically anything deep fried, on a stick and dipped in sauce. I read that a lot of food from Osaka is flour based (great for me!) and this certainly lived up to that claim. We tried a set of quail egg, cheese, asparagus, eggplant, sweet potato and sausage and meatballs for my hubby. These were delicious and best had while drinking a draft beer! The restaurant provided cabbage as a type of palette cleanser, as these morsels were terribly oily but beautiful! Warning: don’t double dip your food in the dipping sauce!

Heaven is a daruma on earth.

3. Okonomiyaki

This is, yet again, another fried food. I saw some places advertising it as a “Japanese Pizza”. What you get is a mixture of cabbage, onion, sometimes pork, noodles or cheese, with mayonnaise and sauce put on the top. I don’t want to talk about the fat content, but this was comfort food at its best. I believe we had three Okonomiyaki sets in five days. Not bad.

Left: Pork and Buckwheat                                           Right: Cheese and Noodles.


4. Strawberry Cake!

If you have watched any Japanese drama, Anime or movie, you will know the archetypal, delicate strawberry cake I am talking about. Last year in Tokyo, we demolished a whole one between the two of us. This year, we held back and shared one whilst visiting hubby’s cousins in Shin Asahi. Hubby was too greedy and nearly choked on the sponge part, leading to much laughter and teasing.

All my dreams came true!

5. Tempura

Tempura, is, surprisingly, a selection of foods, fried and served with dipping sauce. The batter is thinner than Daruma, and I believe they are shallow fried. I enjoyed some with cool soba noodles, which I love, and some egg sushi. Tempura places are everywhere, not only in Osaka, but these yummy little things adhere to the Osaka floury food remit. Eat at your discretion.

A tray of goodies.

A few honourable mentions include:

  • Choco Cro’s excellent ice-cream desserts
  • Krispy Kreme’s seasonal donut selection
  • Baskin Robbin’s Sakura ice-cream


Thanks for reading!


Let me know if you have been to Osaka and tried something that we didn’t!




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      1. Well, perhaps its the ingredients. Because in our little red dot, somehow its not the same because of that. And where you have standard similar with that in Japan, the price is like double or something…


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