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Minimalism, Zero Waste, Guilt Free and Vegan.

The above are all lifestyles that I try to subscribe to, and if you watch Youtube regularly, you will know that these videos are popular and always trending. I try to incorporate these ideas into my life and get a lot of anxiety or guilt if I am unsuccessful. For example, I have been vegetarian my whole life, thanks to my wonderful, young, beautiful and forward thinking mum. My dad told me he fell in love with her because she used to write letters to companies demanding to know why they tested their products on animals.

As I become older, I know I will always be vegetarian, however when I do eat cheese or egg, I feel guilt. When my sister and one of my oldest friends went vegan, I felt pressure to do so too. But honestly, it’s not for me. Living in Hong Kong, where most of the food is imported, I tend not to buy dairy anyway. Yet, I am guilty of the occasional celebratory ice cream. So I’m just trying my best to be maintain my beliefs. Living in Hong Kong, married to a man who was a butcher in another life, this has its challenges, but I push on.

I read a lot about environmental issues, and one of my friends is reading to be an environmental lawyer. One of our first conversations was about zero waste and the effect of plastic packaging on the environment, I have watched many of Lauren Singer’s videos on Youtube, and her TED talk. For me, I cannot maintain the zero waste lifestyle. I have tried, and I have become more aware of waste and have certainly reduced the amount of waste I produce and bring into our home. However, I cannot fit my trash into a Mason Jar. I’m really sorry about this.

When I visited Japan, I visited hubby’s cousin, who lives in a beautiful house in the country, decorated and designed in the minimalist style. Everything had a place and not a piece of clutter in sight. My hoarder husband was forced to tidy up and donate some of his old clothes on our return to Hong Kong. Further, one of my favourite Youtubers, Jessica Avey, regularly posts minimalism videos. Her “Minimalism Sweep” video, inspired me to donate five large bags of clothes and books to the Salvation Army. I am not a shopper, and I do get given a lot of things by friends, family and colleagues, but I have no idea where the stuff comes from!

So here I am, struggling to get to grips with all of these different ways of living, trying my best but not a complete success in any area. So I will continue to do my best, become more aware, and reduce, reuse, recycle. We are all learning.



Let me know if you have any tips about how you reduce your waste and clutter.


Thanks for reading!



Jessica Avey’s Minimalism Sweep

Lauren Singer’s Zero Waste

Feeding Hong Kong – Reducing Food Waste



5 thoughts on “Minimalism, Zero Waste, Guilt Free and Vegan.

  1. To be honest, we try not to buy anything unless we will use it. Books are an obsession for Mel and he reads voraciously, repeatedly looking into past ones I let him pass on that one. Me, well only shoes are the issue…lol!


  2. You’re not alone – a lot of people struggle with trying to live sustainably and ethically. I try to buy less in general and invest in durable or ethical products where possible, and I send a lot of stuff to be recycled or second hand shops. Books are also a weakness for me so I try to buy second-hand or from ethical companies (not Amazon!). It sometimes feels like I have a shopping list of ethics and I have to prioritise which is most important to me because very few items tick all the boxes.

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