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My busy VS your busy.

This month I had a bit of an issue with a friend of mine. I live a pretty active life, I mean to be honest I am never at home. I have a job, I am doing a couple of courses, I do yoga and I have family and friend commitments to keep. If I am home before 8pm on a weekday that is a rarity.

Gorgeous dinner at Rosie’s cafe, Sha Tin.

I am looking to make more space in my life for what is important. I have a good friend who packs her day full of, if I’m honest, too many activities. It seems as if she can’t relax or be alone with her own thoughts. Recently, she kept pushing me to join another activity that I just didn’t want to join. I am so busy! However, her definition of busy is very different to mine. The fact that I have a few spare hours a week to spend by myself or with my husband means that I am not as busy as I could be!

Just casually enjoying my life!


This activity was quite expensive as well. She put a lot of pressure on me to do it, but I said no. I was quite hurt when she said that she couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to join, as I wasn’t that busy. I finally put my foot down, and while she was visibly miffed our friendship hasn’t really suffered. A self-proclaimed people pleaser, I do feel bad when saying no to people. However, as I get older, I realise that you can’t do everything and sometimes you just need hygge time and time to yourself or to enjoy with friends and family.

Relaxation time is sacred.

I think in Hong Kong there is a little bit of pressure (particularly among the expat community) to be the best version of yourself. I know people who have trainers, monthly facials, killer wardrobes, spotless houses and great social lives. I am very happy for them. However, I am not, and will probably never be that kind of person. Of course I try to emulate elements of that lifestyle and have been to my fair share of Sassy Hong Kong events. But there is only so much a girl can do.


Let me know if you encounter pressure to do more by friends, family or partners, and how you face it.
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