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Five Bloggers you should be following.

I’m addicted to Youtube tutorials, declutter series, DITL videos and videos that I probably shouldn’t waste my life watching. I had a failed stint as a Youtuber, talking about my daily life in Hong Kong. At the moment I’m making more documentary style videos. However, a sunday treat for me after a long Hong Kong work week is to binge watch a bit of Youtube whilst drinking tea. Party hard. Here are my five favourite Youtubers and bloggers, who I feel are still relatively unknown, i.e. not Zoella.

Jessica Avey

I discovered Jess recently, through her Minimalism series on Youtube. She is a British blogger, and I love her Instagram. As I watched more of her content, I found I really enjoy her Daily Vlogs and videos about family life. While I don’t have children yet, I find the videos really interesting and adorable. She also runs a blog called Lilypod and Sweetpea where she often reviews different products.


 Taylor R.

Taylor R is a model, blogger and Youtuber, who used to live in Hong Kong and currently resides in Japan. Being obsessed with Japan, I love her daily Vlogs as I can get to see a lot of places in Tokyo, some of which we visited last Easter. Taylor is originally from Canada, so her channel is mostly in English, although some of her early videos are in Japanese.



Texan in Tokyo

This pair of bloggers, Grace Buchelle Mineta and Ryosuke Mineta are taking a break from the world of Youtube. However, I feel like they deserve a mention because their content was fantastic. They made many beautiful travel vlogs and day in the life videos about the Japanese countryside. Grace ran a great blog, which I discovered before her Youtube, called Texan in Tokyo. She talks about living in Japan with her husband and their daily life, as well as some of the culture differences they encounter. Grace also makes super cute comic books which are for sale on Amazon.


 Exploring Alternatives

In a search for affordable housing I recently came across the world of Tiny Homes. Mat and Danielle run a blog called Exploring Alternatives, where they find exciting possible housing options. These include, Igloos, renovated campervans, Teepees and Yurts. The couple also run a Youtube channel where they travel around in their van visiting people who are living an alternative lifestyle.


This Gathered Nest

I came across this site when researching different types of Education. Angie and her family document their life, discussing topics such as Home School, Adoption and Fostering. We fostered when I was young, so I really enjoy watching her videos, from the perspective of a parent who adopts. Her blog is a really good resource for anyone curious about homeschooling their children.



These are my top five creators to casually turn on and have in the background whilst doing life admin or general “wife life” activities. Comment down below if you have any suggestions for bloggers I should be watching! Go show these guys some love!


Thanks for reading!

Jessica Avey:

Taylor R:

Texan in Tokyo:

Exploring Alternatives:

This Gathered Nest:


Honorable mentions


Louise: http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot





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