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No FOMO Valentine’s Day.

So this Valentine’s day fell on a weekday, which was fine. Hubby and I used to spend the evening or another day together, no big deal. This year, sadly, I got sick, and had to work whilst feeling sick and taking super drowsy medicine. I spent the day feeling terrible listening to single girls excitedly plan their trip to the cinema.


There were no sweets for me!

I had already bought a card for my hubby luckily and offered to take him to dinner because I couldn’t cook him dinner like I wanted. He was super happy because I paid. I kept waiting for a surprise or plan to go out when I was better to emerge. I’m still waiting. I feel a little disappointed because it’s our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. Maybe I am expecting too much. To promote my blog, I recently joined Instagram (my852life). Going on Instagram before/ after Valentine’s day is not good for the soul. It only causes dissatisfaction.


And certainly none of this…

So as embarrassing as it is to admit that I had a fail of a Valentine’s day, let it cheer up the people who also didn’t get the day they wanted. But that’s okay. I think it’s always a day of disappointment. A bit like New Year’s Eve. I know my husband loves me anyway. I just know a few Hong Kongers who would be more demanding! Everyday is Valentine’s day right?


Let me know how your Valentine’s day was!
Thanks for reading!



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