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Asian Career Expectations and advice from Ram Dass.

I am beginning to make new career goals now that I have completed my Master’s degree. Although I have plans about my career, moving to Hong Kong has changed what I am able to do, as it is, let’s say, niche. I spent the last two years studying and working, and the two years before that saving, applying for and taking University Entrance exams. I worked hard, and my hard work paid off.

I made good progress.

Now, as Hubby and I are staying in Hong Kong, I cannot do what I wanted to do when I graduated. I can do parts of it. But not all. That is no one’s fault. I have taken steps to get to where I want to be, yet at the moment I’m not there. I feel a bit afraid and wonder should I blame myself. My Husband is my biggest cheerleader, but also my biggest critic. Feeling the pressure of being the only son in a traditional Asian family, he often passes that pressure onto me. I was brought up in the Hygge house, and the words career path were never uttered. I know he gets frustrated at my situation. He always tells me to get serious!

Two years in the library.

Recently my brother came to stay with me. I really needed it. He listens to Ram Dass daily, and is making the most beautiful game RUYA. The main character of the game is inspired by all the women in his life. I admire him so much because he works so hard, and puts such thought into every tiny detail of his artwork, such as, the colour of a dragon fruit. His perspective is similar to my own, he works for love of what he does, rather than desire to be rich. This desire to be rich is commonly found amongst some of the Hong Kong workforce. Ram Dass says; “Don’t compare your path with anyone else’s. Your path is unique to you“.

Three years ago I lived with a very proactive girl who studied at the University of Cambridge. She was living in Hong Kong and spent time shadowing, volunteering and generally causing nuisance to Lawyers and judges. She networked through her rowing team and strong Cambridge Alumni network. Now, she is starting work for a London Law firm. She fearlessly went for what she wanted. I had similar plans but went about it in less aggressive ways. I battle anxiety daily, and since studying, have lost confidence to go out and socialise. This is not really my personality, but as I wish to be taken more seriously in the world of work, maybe I should get ANGRY.

How I unwind and socialise.

As I begin to create more through youtube, my blog and freelance writing, I realise there are things I can do which are unique to me. In time my career will fall into place. I changed my path to be here, and I don’t regret it.


Thanks for reading!


Here’s RUYA’s links:


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