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Hygge, Hong Kong, Husband.

Last year, I read Helen Russell’s book, “The Year of Living Danishly”. It was a fantastic read, I will go into my new found obsession with Denmark in another post. What I enjoyed reading about was “Hygge” or cosy time that the Danes enjoy in the Winter time. Essentially, people lock themselves away and make their homes cosy and warm so they can shelter from the brisk Scandinavian winters. Hygge focuses on comfort food, candles, blankets and generally duvet day style relaxing.

Growing up in a relaxed family, my mother had her own form of Hygge (before it was cool). She would run us a bath after school, or bring us a cup of tea and cover us in 50,000 throwovers from Laura Ashley. Now that I am an adult and don’t have my mum to suffocate me in blankets, I have to bring my own kind of Hygge to Hong Kong. Here is how hubby and I make our house cosy during the slightly chilly Hong Kong winter.


Tea is a big deal in our house. I drink around ten cups a day. My brother and his girlfriend bought me a variety of specialty teas for a wedding present. So you could say I’m pretty into teas. I’m always sipping tea, to keep warm and have tip to reflect and relax. Hygge pioneers tell us to surround yourself with pleasant and beautiful things. The winters are so cold in Northern countries that during these months, people try to bring nature inside. I enjoy having fresh flowers in my home to look at. Here are some I bought for the Lunar New Year.


My Hygge corner in the house is on the sofa with my Nanny’s throw blanket, two pillows from my mum and  a book. Sadly, I need to re-read Lolita, as it is unlucky to buy books during Lunar New Year. Reading also focuses my mind and helps with my anxiety by keeping me present. I often visit Eslite bookshop in Hong Kong. I made a video tour of it, if you want to check out the link below.


I enjoy eating, just like anyone living in Hong Kong. For Hygge treats, I buy sweet things, usually cakes or things that look pretty such as these delicious Macarons. These Macarons are from Sift, my favourite bakery. A good friend once took me for afternoon tea there for a birthday treat.



Lastly, I try to keep my home as beautiful and as tidy as I can. I light candles for a bit of aromatherapy when I come home from a stressful day. Then, Hubby and I sit on the sofa and watch Vikings together. Although, I only watch it for the history.


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