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How we celebrated Lunar New Year in Hong Kong

This was our first Lunar New Year as a married couple. This meant we had to dish out a lot of lucky money or “laih si”.


New Years Eve

We also went to the market there and bought some lovely flowers, plus some char siu ( BBQ pork) for his grandma. It was so busy that the tram had to keep stopping and waiting for people to move. Market traders set up outside hotels, and we even saw the doorman checking the wares for sale.

When we got home, we ordered Pizza Hut Delivery (so traditional) and the Pepsi had been customised for Year of the Rooster. I was told to wash my hair before bed with some special leaves, ( I have forgotten the name). This is to wash away all the bad luck, and begin the new year fresh.

Year of the Rooster pepsi
Tseung Kwan O

First Day

Husband and I went to North Point to visit his grandma and receive Laih Si. Next we went to see grandma. We ate McDonald’s together, (she loves eating chicken nuggets!) and chatted. On the first day of Lunar New Year, traditionally people stay home with close family. We wanted to break up the day and check that grandma was doing well during the cold weather. We came home and I made a big dinner. I tried cooking some sweet corn cake that someone had gifted me, which you need to steam. I think it turned out well!

Sweetcorn cake

Second Day

What a busy day! In the morning we visited one set of cousins, there were seven of us in total. We gave Laih si on behalf of us, and Husband’s parents.We ate Poon Choi with our family before leaving to go and visit another set of cousins. We arrived at the youngest cousin’s house to carry chicken wings to the oldest cousin’s house (the next block along).

I am vegetarian so am extremely grateful that my Husband’s cousin made me a veggie Japanese curry to have. We exchanged Laih si again after eating and watched the “firework” display on television. This was a little disappointing due to the foggy weather. We said our goodbyes and left.


Third Day

Traditionally, you should not visit anyone on the third day. However, family friends had invited us for dinner. We gave the children Laih si (for a change) and then gave the family some gifts of chocolates. The dinner was delicious, they made me a special egg and tofu dish which was lovely and salty. I felt very lucky! We watched my current favourite drama, which is “Kung Hei Fat Choi”. As far as I can tell it’s about the god of fortune falling to earth and causing mischief!

Laih si (Lucky money)

Fourth Day/ Last official public holiday

We celebrated by having a delicious lunch at a Korean place called “BBQ chicken”. Husband ordered fried chicken and beef rice, and I had kimchi rice and beancurd soup. It was delicious although the shop was busy. My good friend from the UK had been visiting Hong Kong for the holiday and she met me for dinner. We went to have delicious Japanese food, in my Hubby and I’s local place ( I forgot the name, I just call it: That Japanese Place).

Beef rice
Fried Chicken

Now I am taking a rest and enjoying some quiet!

Thanks for reading!


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