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I beat social anxiety for a day.

I suffer from pretty bad social anxiety. It began a year after I moved to Hong Kong, and got worse during the time that I was studying. I lost a lot of confidence interacting with people socially, and people often thought I was being rude. I do have the British reserve anyway, but perhaps the…… Continue reading I beat social anxiety for a day.

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Five Bloggers you should be following.

I’m addicted to Youtube tutorials, declutter series, DITL videos and videos that I probably shouldn’t waste my life watching. I had a failed stint as a Youtuber, talking about my daily life in Hong Kong. At the moment I’m making more documentary style videos. However, a sunday treat for me after a long Hong Kong…… Continue reading Five Bloggers you should be following.

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Asian Career Expectations and advice from Ram Dass.

I am beginning to make new career goals now that I have completed my Master’s degree. Although I have plans about my career, moving to Hong Kong has changed what I am able to do, as it is, let’s say, niche. I spent the last two years studying and working, and the two years before…… Continue reading Asian Career Expectations and advice from Ram Dass.

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Hygge, Hong Kong, Husband.

Last year, I read Helen Russell’s book, “The Year of Living Danishly”. It was a fantastic read, I will go into my new found obsession with Denmark in another post. What I enjoyed reading about was “Hygge” or cosy time that the Danes enjoy in the Winter time. Essentially, people lock themselves away and make…… Continue reading Hygge, Hong Kong, Husband.

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Seeking employment in Asia

Many people come to Asia for travel, work or study. Some people, like me, extend their stay for longer than they anticipated. Other people come for work, or their partner’s work. Where I live, in Hong Kong, many people come to work in the banking industry, or are transferred from places such as Singapore or…… Continue reading Seeking employment in Asia

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How we celebrated Lunar New Year in Hong Kong

This was our first Lunar New Year as a married couple. This meant we had to dish out a lot of lucky money or “laih si”. New Years Eve We also went to the market there and bought some lovely flowers, plus some char siu ( BBQ pork) for his grandma. It was so busy…… Continue reading How we celebrated Lunar New Year in Hong Kong